The International Meditation Academy ™ is an Online Academy supporting people like YOU Globally. 

 We teach you how to be an EXPERT in your field of Holistic therapies. Starting your journey with us we will support you with extraordinary practical counselling & coaching techniques built on scientific research.

IMA is non-sectarian educational platform.

You will have the tools and skill set, confidence, professionalism, and Internationally recognised qualification to powerfully support your clients through adversity and healing.

IMA has a strong reputation in providing a person centred approach to online training.  We value each student and have a mentor that will support you through the entire course from certification through to Masters.

Our expert teachers are here to guide you through a career with 


Our academy specialise in teaching people how to become EXPERTS in the Wellness Industry.  Meditation Teachers,  Holistic Therapists/Counsellors, Stress management Consultants, Coaches, Yoga teachers and anyone wanting to up-skill or deepen their practice.

Here at the Academy we live by our purpose to "Look within,Teach Outwards". Helping people understand there is so much more to

Being- well and wellness is individual. There is never one way to meditate or reduce your stress. We value people that want to explore different ways to support their journey to wellness.


Science now supports the tremendous physical and psychological effects of varying mind body  meditation practices.  At IMA we have combined the latest research and evidence based techniques to support your journey in becoming an EXPERT in your field.

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