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Michelle Clark

@matriachmuse (instagram)



Michelle is the loving founder/Principal of the International Meditation Academy (IMA).

A Holistic creative arts therapist, a mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher trainer, but first and foremost a devoted advocate for women's  health both physically and psychologically.  

Transformation can undertaken by anyone with the willingness to journey through self exploration and be patient


From a young age Michelle started to search for inspiration and question “Her purpose" to  inquire and understand the nature of our minds  our behavioural patterns and to search for a deeper meaning to living a purposeful life. 

Her long term goal has always been how can she be of service to others, while sustaining a livelihood  through encompassing social impact and a means of making a change not only to herself at a deeper level, but for others as well.


IMA was built as a result of  her 25 years of travel across the globe, working, studying, researching and exploring  her own self inquiry and sharing with others. Today, Michelle has combined her professional background and life experience and leads a team of student mentors and trainers to provide YOU the student with unwavering support to take this journey. 

Michelle and Shashi have been friends and wellness leaders working together for over 12 years 


To question everything, to seek out purposeful experience, to always be inquisitive 


To face the unknown, to push through adversity, to let go



To create and heal through dance, movement, art, music breath, sound and meditation therapy


Shashi Kumar

At the age of 16 his mother's sudden death created deep desire to understand the meaning of life, it was this life altering event that led Shashi to search for authentic healing He began his pilgrimage to various schools of Meditation and spiritual masters and learn the art of Grief and Healing.  A the age of 20 he started practicing Japanese Karate and obtained Black belt in Karate at the age 26.


At the age of 27 he resigned his job and started traveling to different ashrams in the Himalaya's where he visited Many Tantric and Yogic ashrams to deepen his knowledge even further. Shashi  studied various modalities, Breath work, Meditations, Tai chi and Body work (Massage).


Once he had his family, he continued to travel around the world learning from different schools of thought and deepening his meditation practice training in Akashic records Journey, Past life regression, Munay ki, Tantric Pulsation breath work, Bardo- How to die consciously and many more Holistic practices.  He owns and runs his own Yoga studio in Mysore and travels regularly to Australia and America to host events and be a guest speaker, facilitating teacher training and workshops

A message from our Founders

" The Wellness Industry will only increase in its demand for competent, compassionate and professional Holistic Counselling therapists and Meditation Teachers. There has never been another  time in our history  with suicide at its highest, children and teens under increasing anxiety, People need more then ever to understand stress, how to let it go and how to heal through trauma, reconnect and empower themselves to live a well balanced life. 

International Meditation Academy is a educational platform, a place of resource, a place of inspiration.  IMA is an instrument to create change in people’s lives. Whether you choose to study with us for your own self development or enter a career in the Wellness Industry.

I speak on behalf of our team, we look forward to knowing each and everyone of you, so you too can Inspire those, to Inspire themselves" 

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