Womb steaming

A Journey of discovery and devotion to your inner temple and powerful ritual to reclaim your connection to self

Womb steaming is a time-honoured holistic remedy that brings a woman back into alignment with herself on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. This ritual nourishes and restores balance in the vagina, vulva, womb, and entire pelvic region. It is an empowering self care practice that invites women to fully drop into the realm of their inner sanctum, offering her exactly what she needs - space and time to relax and release and come back to herself.

The practice involves sitting over a pot of herbal infused steam, and allowing the volatile oils and warmth to permeate the perineum, bringing warmth, stimulation and a sense of deep unwind to this often very tense part of a woman’s body. (The How-To Guide covers all of the practicalities)

Steaming offers women a way to reconnect the body with the wisdom of subtle plant medicine to heal, clear the womb and sexual organs on a physical and energetic level, and prepare it for its intended use, as a vessel for creativity, sexual energy, and each individual’s unique spice of life. It is also a powerfully effective remedy for a vast array of women’s health challenges as listed below.



Yoni steaming taps women directly back in with their sacredness in a simple and effective way. As much as it’s self care, It’s a ritual in it’s very essence. And what’s more, you sit atop your throne for yourself and only yourself. Yes, QUEEN.


The very act of using herbs to heal brings women back into synchronicity with the Earth and its rhythms. We hand over to these sweet and powerful medicines to weave their magic, we engage our intention, surrender into trust, and the magic unfolds


It’s a women’s health science created by women, for women to take their health into their own hands and restore their place of power back to vitality. In this way, it’s totally radical! With this perspective we KNOW that by healing ourselves we are supporting our children and communities for generations to come.


Let’s all take a moment to thank and praise the mamas that have kept this knowledge moving. We can only acknowledge this act of sacred activism, by trusting the wisdom of the generations of women that have carried the practice through from thousands of years ago, till now. Making them and their stories valid and integral to our health. Standing the test of time and re-emerging now with such fervour is enough of a testament for us that this is a profound gift and a wisdom to be respected.



Yoni steaming is far from being a new health trend, it's an ancient tradition made modern; a knowledge and practice shared among communities of women the world over, for thousands of years. It is has been, and still to this day, is practiced widely across Central & South America, Asia and Africa to remedy a vast array of women’s health needs across the cycles of her life:

  • as a regular self care regime

  • pre and post menstruation

  • to support fertility

  • as a postpartum treatment

In the past ten years or so (like many holistic health practices rooted in cultures that have remained deeply connected to the earth) it is making its way into popular culture in other parts of the world. womb.love are passionate about handing this wisdom on to you so that you may support yourself with this subtle yet profound practice in way that creates shifts throughout your whole being.

Yoni is a Sanskrit term that covers the entire female anatomy - the vulva, vagina and womb, as well as meaning goddess, the house of the divine feminine and sacred temple… which is why we prefer to use this expansive word. The translation we have in the English language is cunt…and, well let’s just say we have a bit more work to do to reclaim that one!



First things first, is important to know that the vaginal flora naturally cleanses and balances itself and steaming is not a way to ‘steam clean’ it - the process is so much deeper and profound than that.

Yoni steaming is an opportunity to navigate yourself towards your feminine centre & feel more alive, radiant and in YOUR power. The practice has been shown to have a profound impact on a vast array of cyclical and women’s health imbalances, reconnecting women with the wisdom of subtle plant medicine to heal, clear the womb and sexual organs on a physical and energetic level.

Amongst many others, steaming along within an overall holistic health care plan has been shown to:


  • Reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion during menstruation

  • Decrease menstrual flow

  • Balance and regulate hormones and menstrual cycles

  • Boost fertility (not only for conception, but for manifestation and creation purposes!)

  • Detox the womb and remove toxins from the body

  • Rapid healing and toning of the reproductive system postpartum

  • Assist with digestive issues and detoxing the body

  • Helpful with healing uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse and endometriosis

  • Supports the treatment and repair of scar tissue

  • Relief of the symptoms of menopause



  • Allow every woman the opportunity to reconnect to the ancestral wisdom of the womb

  • Relieve tension and creates a sense of bliss

  • Increase sensuality, sexual energy flow and creative inspiration

  • Release stored emotions, anxiety, trauma and energetic stagnancy

  • Tap into latent energy where creativity, sexuality and life force arises from

  • Can help with insomnia

  • Increase sense of self love and self devotion, honouring her unique essence



  • If you are on your period (in the three days before and once finished spotting is fine)

  • Think you may be pregnant / after ovulating if you are trying

  • Have any open or recent scar tissue in the perineum area

  • Currently have any infections and open wounds

  • Are under any medical fertility or IVF treatment

  • If you have an IUD fitted, please check the FAQs for further advice



Head over to the FAQs for lots of answers to common questions around yoni steaming. Feel free to get in touch via raya@womb.love or the contact page if you have a question that is not on there.



Matriarch Muse offers a number of ways you can bring this ritual into your life:

The essence of ritual and ceremony ripple through all my offering and creations. The sacred container of ritual offers the opportunity for the space to be held. It carries a power and depth that goes beyond a general upkeep self care session. It acknowledges all parts of the practice, and in turn inspires a sense of profound self honouring you can bring into every aspect of your life.

When working in this way, you are guided to tune into the subtle nuances and messages your body is trying to tell you. It allows for the energy to move through, clear and transmute in a safe and held way creating ripples in your ancestral lineage and future generations your life will impact.


Why meditate?

  1. Decreases pain
  2. It is a tool, to bring our body and mind back to its natural state
  3. Meditation is an inclusive tool and a way of living as close to your core or purpose and truth as you can get.
  4. Scientifically it has been proven physically to reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  5. Allows you the opportunity to regulate your emotions and how you respond to everyday stressors and events in your life
  6. Reduces insomnia

What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness?

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Is this religious?

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What we are about?

Our course focuses on developing your competence as a teacher but also provides valuable insights into your own personal practice. You will have the opportunity to engage in real-life case studies, group discussions and hands on practical teaching classes.

What sets us apart?

Our courses have been running for 10 years, During the course, you will be provided with a great deal of information about Meditation, Physiology of wellness and psychology of stress. A major part of this training course is focused on developing your ability to inspire others to inspire themselves, your life experience and your professional experience along with a solid foundation of how to teach, will give you a solid foundation to teach in any niche in the wellness market.

What styles of meditation will I learn?

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Do I have to sit crossed legged on the floor for hours?

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Is there support online to share ideas and talk with other graduates?

Then online IMA community is a wonderful resource and chance to share all your achievements, lesson plans, ask questions and network. This is a closed private forum on face book


Payment plans are available

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