• We encourage you to question our teachers, give them feedback, question why?

  • We explain how and why meditation works

  • We provide comprehensive course notes and resources 

  • We are not associated with any religious or spiritual groups

  • We teach you mediations that you can do anywhere and at any time

  • Were meditation and mindfulness leaders in the field

  • We don’t require you to sit cross legged all the time, if its not your thing don’t do it 

  • We don’t expect you to stop thinking, in fact we want you to work through your thoughts 

  • We don’t expect you to mediate for hours a day (or that could be what works for you, lets explore that

  • We teach a variety of mediation styles and techniques not just one

  • We help you to find the techniques that work for you on a personal level

  • Our teachers are clear, informative and there to find what works for you to help develop your style of teaching 

  • We teach you skills which you can use outside class in your daily life and with your clients

  • We teach you to be credible, professional and highly qualified

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