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Consciously rewriting your life story

You are a mini universe with a population of over 50 trillion cells living inside you. When the environment they live in is healthy, the cells respond with conformity. They behave in a predictable manner and are healthy. But when the environment they live in is out of balance and unhealthy, the cells rebel and become unpredictable and unhealthy. These rebel cells are the cause of disease including cancer. Knowing this, we obviously want to create the best possible environment for our cells to live in so we can enjoy the best possible health and longevity. Many health conscious people already try to do this through choosing to eat healthfully, exercise regularly, stay away from toxins and so on. While these healthy lifestyle choices are obviously important, science has now proven that you are not just what you eat, you are even more so, what you think. The brain is the command centre that regulates our body chemicals and determines our internal environment by sending messages through the body that alert organs to produce and release certain chemicals. The trigger that determines what message the brain sends is our perception. So, for example, when we perceive danger or feel fear, our brain alerts the body to produce what we know as ‘stress chemicals’. When we perceive love our body produces “feel good’ chemicals. We all know which of these two options “feels” better and what feels good is good for us and makes for happy, healthy cells.

Our perception is mostly unconscious because the brain needs to react and prepare the body to deal with every situation we are faced with, faster than our conscious mind can process and assess the circumstances. So the situations we perceive as dangerous or exciting, negative experiences or positive experiences, are stored in our unconscious mind. They have been catalogued since birth and make up our perceptions of life. If you have had a dangerous experience with a dog as a child, for example, you may unconsciously perceive dogs as a danger and so your brain will act to protect you by preparing you for danger with stress chemicals (fight-or-flight response) when you come into contact with dogs. Likewise if your previous experiences with dogs have been positive, you will perceive dogs as a positive experience and your brain will release ‘feel good’ chemicals. This is the same for every life situation. The following exercise is a method for reprograming some of the belief systems you hold in your unconscious mind that trigger the stress response in your body unnecessarily. They are the old, outdated perceptions that no longer serve you and cause your brain to keep your internal environment in a state of stress, polluting the atmosphere your cells are living in and responding to. We don’t do this by going in and examining all of the old, erroneous perceptions stored away in the unconscious mind. That would take years, maybe even a life time! We can simply reprogram our unconscious belief system, with new positive perceptions that we have chosen intelligently for ourselves. Just like overwriting a faulty computer program with a new, more useful program. The Process of Rewriting Your Life Story A simple process for reprogramming your unconscious belief system and creating the life you want to live.

First Step What do I want to be experiencing in my life? Make a list of the things you want to start experiencing in your life. This might be – To be in perfect health; to be financially free or wealthy; to be in a loving relationship; to be working in your perfect job. Take some time to consider what you really want and be very specific. Make sure the things you want are about you and do not require change, input or compliance from anyone else. So, for example, if you are not happy with your current relationship, you would write that you wish to be in a loving, supportive relationship or that you want all of your relationships to be communicative and respectful (or whatever else you desire). This method will not work if you write “I want him/her to be more communicative…or love me more…or open up to me more…or get along better with my mother…or anything else that requires another person to change their behaviour. It has to be totally about you.

Second Step What are the things I want to allow into my life that will cause me to experience the things I have listed above? Now make a list of the things that will need to happen or arrive in your life for the thing you want to experience to be a reality for you. It is about what you will need to allow into your life for the experience you want, to be able to happen. So, if for example, you wrote that you want to experience being financially free and have plenty of money, you might write, “I need to allow prosperity and abundance into my life” or even “I need to allow money to flow into my life”. Think about how writing these statements makes you feel. If you feel resistance, it is an indication that you have an unconscious belief system that is not in alignment with what you want. So if you have written that the experience you want is to be financially free and not to have to worry about money and you really do want to change your financial situation and have more money, but when you write, “I allow money to flow into my life” it feels wrong, or greedy, or shameful or anything else that is not fantastic, it is because you have a program running in your unconscious mind that says, it is not OK for you to have money. That is the unconscious belief system that has been blocking you from allowing money into your life. It is the belief system you are about to override. In the same way, if you wrote that you want the experience of being calm and relaxed and feeling trusting in the process of life, but when you write “I need to allow myself to totally relax and trust life,” if you have words or feelings popping up that make it hard for you to write or say these words, you are about to override an old unconscious belief. That belief might be that the world is not safe and you have to watch out and stay alert for dangers and threats.

Third Step How will I feel, what will I look like and what will I be doing when these things I want arrive in my life? Now it is time to rewrite your story! Your story is what happens in your life. It is the experiences that you attract because of the unconscious belief systems you have. Most of which, you are not even aware of. Your unconscious mind has been writing the story for you, based in those old belief systems. Your unconscious beliefs have been choosing what you will allow and won’t allow into your life. So now, you are going to change some of those beliefs and start writing the story of your life so that it unfolds the way you want it to; in accordance with your heartfelt desires, your joy and your innate self. From the real you, rather than from a pile of old, outdated and mostly erroneous beliefs your intelligent mind wouldn’t even entertain. Go back over your list now and word the things you are ready to allow into your life into statements, as if they are already present.

So if you wrote, I need to allow more loving relationships into my life, you might phrase it as: ‘I am surrounded by supportive, emotionally intelligent people who love and value me and who I love and value. I am loved, supported and appreciated.” Or, if you wrote that you need to allow better health you might write: “I am strong and healthy. I take loving care of my body and my body grows stronger and healthier every day. I am the healthiest, and fittest, I have ever been. I am in perfect health.” Alternatively, you might like to write several things you want to allow into your life together to create the perfect package. It might look something like this: “I am perfectly healthy. My body looks and feels fantastic- I look and feel the best I ever have. All of my relationships are loving and supportive. I feel appreciated, understood and encased in unconditional love. I communicate with ease and from compassion. I am always calm and relaxed, expecting the best outcomes to unfold in my life. I am inspired, creative and motivated. I love my work and the people I work with. I am abundant and easily attract more than enough money into my life every day. I am wealthy and free from any financial concerns. I have plenty of time for relaxation and play. I love my life. I am relaxed, healthy, loved, loving, abundant, wealthy, creative and playful.” The Process Before these things can appear in your life and become your reality (and they most certainly will) you need to convince your unconscious mind that these things are not only safe and possible but they already exist. Consider that when we start thinking about something that has happened in the past that was upsetting, we experience all the same emotions and physical stress reactions we did at the actual time the original experience was happening. This is because our mind (the mind being the function of the brain) does not know the difference between what we think and what is real. This has been proven over and over again through scientific research.

So when we concentrate on something that causes us to feel an emotion the unconscious mind perceives these thoughts as real. When we relive upsetting experiences that make us feel insecure for example, we are reinforcing a belief system associated with insecurity being a reality for us. Likewise, when we concentrate on thoughts, imagine or remember positive experiences that trigger positive emotions, we are reinforcing the belief behind that experience. Let’s look at that again in a different way. It is important to understand why this exercise will work for you. If you understand the cognitive process involved in changing your unconscious beliefs, it will make the process faster. Your intelligent mind won’t be stuck thinking that telling yourself situations like being wealthy are real, when that has not appeared in your reality yet, is silly if you understand how it works. Here is an example: If you had an experience as a child of being lost, you were probably afraid and felt deserted and unsafe. You may have interpreted your situation as “people don’t notice me and leave me when I am not watching.” This could have developed a belief system associated with insecurity and that the world is not safe…people will leave you. You will be all alone. The emotions you felt in that situation gave this belief power and your subconscious mind filed this information and referenced it with the emotions so that you could be protected from this ‘dangerous’ experience in the future. Every time you thought about that experience again, you would have experienced the same, or very similar emotions. Your unconscious mind could not distinguish this ‘reliving experience’ from a real experience and so the re-living experience was entered into the unconscious mind and reinforced the first message – It’s not safe, I can’t trust people to be there for me, or whatever message was interpreted and associated with the original emotions. The more often we relive an old experience, the stronger the belief is. It may only have happened once but the unconscious mind thinks it happened again, every time we re-live the experience. In the same way, if we remember a wonderful day at the beach and feel all the happiness associated with that day, we reinforce beliefs like going to the beach is fun! In order to reprogram our belief systems we have to convince the unconscious mind that the new belief we want, is actually true. We can do this by imagining what we want to have happen in our lives (what we want to allow) and feeling strong emotions that are associated with the events and situations we want to attract.

The unconscious mind does not distinguish between imagined events and real events. So if we practice ‘experiencing’ what we want to be true and focus on the emotions that situation would raise in us, we can override the old beliefs that have been writing our story. Now that you know what you want to start allowing into your life and you understand why this process will work for you, it is time for the fun part. It is time to step into the experience you are really wanting in your life. This will be like a little journey into your future. The future you are now creating. The future that your unconscious mind will soon believe is real. Then, your unconscious mind will not only start allowing, it will start attracting (looking for, noticing and taking opportunities to secure) the life experiences you are wanting. Your belief system will start changing. The way you feel and behave will start to change too. Everything about you will start to change, including the cells in your body, in preparation to receive all the wonderful things you are now ready to allow unto your life. Get excited! This is going to be fun. Meditation Sit in comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for a while and read the list of things you have worded as if they are already in your life. The statements about what you are now ready to allow into your reality. Read them out loud over and over. Then close your eyes and think about these new situations, this new life, this new you, as if it was already real. Focus on the emotions you will be feeling when these things you wish to allow into your life arrive in your reality. Really concentrate on experiencing these feelings. Think about how you will feel. How you will look, how you will behave, what your normal day will be like. Really try to feel, see or imagine these things, you are now ready to allow, have arrived and you are living your ideal life. Really hold on to that feeling. Think about or picture how your life will be, what activities you will be enjoying, what adventures or experiences you might have. Think about the clothes you will wear, the people you will spend time with. Really try to imagine your new life in great detail and really focus on the way this experience makes you feel. Locate and identify the emotions associated with imagining this new reality.

Practice Practice this meditation as often as you can. The more you practice the faster your unconscious mind will accept this new reality and start allowing you to recognise and act on the opportunities that will arise and become the stepping stones for you to cross into your new reality. Think about the new and exciting things coming into your life as often as possible. Think about how wonderful it is going to be feeling and being in perfect health or financially free or in a wonderful relationship. Think about them often as if they are already in the post, on their way to you and focus on the emotions knowing that brings you. Name the emotions and let them flow through you. Whenever you feel doubt about your new reality arriving or if you start to relive or remember past experiences that raise negative emotions, stop! You are reinforcing those old, negative beliefs that do not serve you anymore. Turn your attention to the new reality you are creating for yourself and focus on writing new unconscious beliefs. Let those be the basis of your life story.


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