• michelle clark

Teaching is a form of Vulnerability and sharing

I am often inspired and humbled to share my journey as a meditation teacher, Yoga instructor and women's Health practitioner. I often tell my students, it is not our role to tell people what to think or to tell our students what the truth is or simply pass on information to them. An effective teacher/facilitator assists and supports his or her students to discover the answers for themselves. To find their own truth…...which may not always be the same as our own truth. As teachers, we must always consider our own motivation in a very honest way. Do we want to walk away from our students thinking, “Yes! I sure showed them how much I know”? Or do we want to walk away thinking “Yes! Those people had some really amazing realisations and came up with some really great answers for themselves”? Who do we want to feel ‘proud’ of? Ourselves or our beautiful students…these seeking souls who are so eager to grow and learn and who are looking to us for guidance on their journey? Even when we think or feel our students are not seeing something, that we can clearly see or that we may know, we need to be aware of how we guide them toward realising it for themselves. If we choose to be the “authority” we could enter into competition with our students ego’s and cause them to be defensive rather than feeling safe and respected. If we are feeling frustrated then it is a good indicator that we are somehow attached to our student seeing things our way when what we really want to do is to help them clearly define what is truth for them. Given a safe environment and a non-confrontational human being, people will eventually overcome their blockages and find a clear connection to universal truth, there is never one way to what you seek.

I always teach from a place of sharing and vulnerability. It is important to talk and share about the uncomfortable times and the beginning of our truth seeking, the times we stumbled but got up again. Teaching is not authoritarian but of being able to hold space, be vulnerable and share to best support those that want to move through this earth when they are ready to share, be vulnerable and ready to teach.


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