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Were you Born to be a Meditation Teacher

I honestly don't remember knowing what the title was, however I knew i wanted to share with people how to reduce stress in their lives and develop a safe space for their mind and body to work out how to travel through the day a little softer with themselves, more adaptable to adversity and support people to move their bodies and minds to better places.

Later in life, I realised that was in the form of a Meditation teacher, Yoga Instructor, Breath worker and women's health practitioner.

People who train to become Meditation Teachers usually do so because they have a deep desire to work in the holistic wellbeing field, helping others to live happier, healthier lives. Most Meditation Teachers have also had personal challenges they have had to overcome and want to use their experience to assist other people to overcome similar challenges for themselves. All Meditation Teachers are completely confidant that the practice of meditation is a powerful and fast moving pathway to a happier and healthier life with less stress and a greater sense of self awareness for the meditator.

Often people spend a long time working in other fields before they realise they can actually make a legitimate and rewarding career out of being Meditation Teachers. Not only financially rewarding! Meditation Teachers are rewarded in many different ways for the work they do. They get to be their own boss, choose their own hours and choose the location they will work in. Most rewarding is that on a daily basis, Meditation Teachers get to see how their work changes people’s lives on a very practical level.

Many Meditation Teachers combine other modalities to create practices that offer a wide range of therapies, classes and services. These may include Holistic Counselling, Chair Yoga instruction, Pre-natal Meditation, Meditation for the Management of panic and Anxiety, Meditation for Children, the elderly or teenagers. Some Meditation Teachers also run weekend workshops or healing retreats and many work in the corporate arena, teaching Stress Management.

One of the nicest thing that I, along with many other Meditation Teachers, have found is that working in this field helps you to remember to walk your talk. On a personal level we are more inclined to practice meditation and use other personal development and holistic healing tools for ourselves, on a regular basis… because they are right in front of us every day. We are sharing them and learning more about them daily as part of our work! There are few jobs where your own personal growth and health benefit while you earn an income! Meditation Teachers get to experience this and all the while enjoying the great privilege of contributing to the betterment of other people’s lives.


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