We have been practicing, educating and teaching mind and body wellness courses for over 15 years

The most comprehensive Meditation Therapist and Holistic Counselling training course available

Our Academy provides you the international qualifications, professionalism and credibility to be part of an increasing wellness industry


Affordable payment plan to pay off your study


Experienced Mentors to support you personally through out your entire course through FB LIVE weekly Q&A

Direct Video and Email contact with your mentor

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The International Meditation Academy ™ was created for the sole purpose of ensuring and promoting a high level of standards towards teaching, training and  practicing various wellness modalities.  We want to shape up the skills and abilities of professionals who deserve the highest level of recognition in the international field of the Wellness Industry. Meditation and Holistic Counselling professions.If your a LIFE COACH, YOGA INSTRUCTOR, PERSONAL FITNESS COACH, COUNSELLOR OR WANTING A NEW REWARDING CAREER. 

IMA can support you to develop a skill set in a High demand industry, with Credibility, Professionalism and Confidence to make a difference in people's lives. 


After completing our comprehensive courses, you will become part of an elite association of Counselling therapists and Meditation teachers who are skilled in providing services, particularly in meditation and holistic human development.  Our postgraduate courses are extensive allowing you to specialise in an area of your interest or passion

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Prenatal Meditation

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Children

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for the Management of Pain and Chronic Healing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for the Management of Depression and Anxiety

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Weight Management

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Holistic Counselling

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Corporate Stress Management

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Women in Transition and Women’s Mid-life Health and Wellbeing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Meditation for Men’s Health and Wellbeing

  • Advanced Marketing and Business Development Skills for the Holistic Practitioner

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Sound Therapy and Vibrational healing

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Therapies for PTSD

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Using Art in Meditation

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Elemental Movement Meditation (Dance therapy)

This sounds amazing, right? Who wouldn't want to wake up for the day, hold space for themselves and others to build their own resilience and help support people to manage or reduce their personal stress? Grow and deepen your understanding to a variety of courses. What makes this even more special is that you can get an opportunity to earn while being a service to others regardless of where you live globally.


Holistic & Wellness Courses


International Meditation Academy ™ is committed to producing internationally recognised graduates who are considered as EXPERTS in the wellness and Holistic studies Industry. 


With options from Certificate Level to Masters in Holistic Counselling & Meditation Therapy. Wellness sand Holistic short courses to deepen your understanding or up skill. There is a course that will be a match just for you!

Look within, Teach Outwards™

- IMA - 

If you want to be an instrument for change and to educate people about how they can make the changes within, ENROL NOW!!!

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